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Right to Development Program

A system of developing and monitoring rights-based programs and measures across institutions aimed at creating enabling environment for poverty reduction linked with the nine (9) components of good governance as follows:

Electoral and Political Reforms, Right to Development, Judicial Reform, Anti-Corruption, Governance Review, Civil Service & Economic Management, Globalization and Corporate Citizenship, Decentralization & Local Governance.

As the national human rights institution for the protection and promotion of human rights both under the Philippine Constitution and the United Nations System, the Commission on Human Rights is empowered to initiate and sustain application of the rights- based approach to governance to facilitate convergence of human rights and development using the following tools: Governance.


Barangay Human Rights Action Center (BHRAC)

A human rights community support program, in cooperation with the Local Government Units, at the grassroots level performing four (4) main functions:

Receiving and Monitoring of HR Complaints, Education and Information Campaigns, Coordination and Referral; and Community Mobilization.


HR Teaching Exemplars

The Commission on Human Rights in cooperation with the Department of Education developed a human rights education curriculum for the elementary and secondary levels of as well as a HR Education Facilitator's Manual for the Training of Teachers. The following modules compose the manual:

Program Engagement, Learning Process, Human Rights Violations, Why Teach Human Rights, Foundation of Human Rights, Human Rights Principles and Concepts, Children's Rights, Handling Disclosure of Child Abuse, Teachers as Human Rights Advocates, The Human Rights Teaching Exemplars, The Human Rights Education Facilitator's Manual, Learning Episodes, Visioning and Action Planning, Clearing House and Closure.

Child Rights Center

The Child Rights Center investigates human rights violations against children, initiates legal action, and monitors and reports on all violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child involving civil rights and freedoms, and special protection. The Center develops and implements awareness programs on children's rights; conducts studies in aid of legislation and for more effective ways to implement existing national and international laws and treaties.

Women's Rights Program Center

The Women's Rights Program Center is a special unit that investigates human rights violations against women and initiates legal action or provides assistance in legal discrimination, non-recognition, women's rights as human rights, multiple burdens, unequal access to land, violence against women, politics and governance, justice and peace and order, employment, health and education.

Asia-Pacific Institute of Human Rights

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Human Rights is envisioned to operate along four major functions and services, namely: information, training, research and publication which will be closely inter-phased with the CHRP programs and services along its mission and mandates.

As an Information Center , the Institute will serve as a repository of a comprehensive collection of human rights books and other information, education and communication (IEC) materials for use locally and internationally, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

As a Training Center , the institute is conceived to be a "center of excellence" that provides in-service trainings, study grants, fellowship programs, conferences and short courses on human rights for human rights trainers along the following five priority areas:

Its unique feature will be an accreditation system under which trained personnel will be certified to be trainors for certain levels.

As a Research Center , the Institute will serve as the outlet of all research papers and studies of the CHRP. It will initiate research grants covering issues affecting the Asia Pacific region and will link-up with other human rights organizations for the conduct of studies to enrich the body of knowledge on human rights.

As a Publication Unit under the Office of the Chairperson, the institute will be involved in designing, packaging and producing all documents approved for publication emulating from the Chairperson, the Commissioners and the Commission en banc. To include research and study of new technologies and facilities in production and publication and design improvement standard for all CHRP publications.