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Linkages Development Program


Human Rights Protection





Legislative and Program Division

Program Title:

A continuing cooperation and coordination activities with CHRP offices and other government agencies especially in the studies of human rights content and implications of existing laws and administrative issuances of the government as well as in the conduct, research, development and advocacy of principles, standards and norms to ensure that the contents of proposed laws are compliant with national and international standards on human rights.


The LPD shall monitor bills with human rights implications filed in Congress and coordinate in the preparation of the CHRP position on proposed measures.


To institutionalize collaborative systems and arrangements with government agencies on the development and implementation of administrative issuances and legislative measures with human rights provisions, to ensure the faithful compliance by the government with international human rights standards.


The undermanned complement of the LPD notwithstanding, the said division has already institutionalized systems of collaboration and arrangements with government agencies, NGO's and PO's that are geared towards the satisfactory performance of its functions and mandates.


The program is being implemented principally through research work and coordination in the preparation of the CHRP position on proposed legislative measures.

Major accomplishments:

The LPD has participated in almost all committee hearings and Technical Working Group meetings in both houses of Congress and in such other fora on matters with human rights implications.

Major Plans:

 1). To request the CHRP management for additional warm bodies to complement the unrealistically small composition of the Division otherwise, the functions and mandates of the LPD should be transferred to the Legal Office; where they properly belong.

2). To recommend for the modification, amendment or repeal of   existing laws and administrative issuances of the government that are not compliant , with international human rights standards.