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Constitutional Creation
CHR Vision and Mission
Executive Order No . 163
Core Organization Values
Goal Statement: 2003 - 2008
Roles and Commitment
Organizational Structure
Panata Sa Karapatang Pantao





Commission on Human Rights Officials

Atty. Marc Titus D. Cebreros
Executive Director

Homero Matthew P. Rusiana
Director, Field Operations Office

Anna Elzy E. Ofreneo
Director, Research and Education Office

Renante A. Basas
Director, Assistance and Visitorial Office

Flora C. Atilano
Director, Legal and Investigation Office

Karen Lucia S. Gomez Dumpit
Director, Government Linkages Office

Nerissa N. Piamonte
Director, Strategic Planning and Development Office

Benedicto G. Antazo
Director, General Administration Office
OIC, Information Systems Management Office

Ms. Liberty C. Estipona
Director-Designate, Financial Management Office

Atty. Marc Titus D. Cebreros
Chief, Human Rights Information and Communication Division

Jocelyn L. Reyes
OIC, Child Rights Center

Liezl Z. Parajas
OIC, Women's Human Rights Center

Atty. Ma. Asuncion Maravilla
Commission Secretary