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· External advisor and "prescriber" of human rights protection standards

· Independent monitor, evaluator and position advocate on human rights in relation to proposed and existing national/ local laws and legislations, and government policies, programs, actions and performance.

IN RELATION TO CIVIL SOCIETY (NGOs, Academe, other HR Organizations, General Public and Vulnerable Groups)

· Mobilizer, coordinator and/or contributor of resources for research and implementation programs on human rights.

· Synchronizer of HR programs to include those of the civil society thereby enhancing complementation, sharing and mutual reinforcement.

· Collaborator/Partner in HR program design and implementation.

· Advisor and Provider of human rights standards.

· Trainor of trainors for sustained promotion and advocacy program.

· Moulder and Educator of the general public particularly the vulnerable groups on human rights norms, standards and practices.



· Mobilizer of civil society, protection services providers and provision of protection standards and guidelines.

· Provider of technical assistance to civil society service providers in improving their capacity to render protection services such as legal, investigation and financial assistance.

· Provider of financial assistance (when able) to civil society groups in their transactional protection activities.

· Provider of public information on human rights services and service provider to improve access particularly by vulnerable groups as well as monitor of non-discriminatory access of vulnerable groups to basic services.

· Provider of direct assistance to victims of human rights violation.