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  1. To instill awareness of universal human rights values and principles among the various sectors of society.
  2. To promote the universality, indivisibility and inter-dependence of all human rights.
  3. To monitor the observance of human rights and to prevent and investigate their violation.
  4. To advocate for a human rights approach to legislative, administrative and judicial policies, programs and measures.
  5. To establish and strengthen cooperation with a wide range of organizations and groups.
  6. To interpret the CHR constitutional mandate as widely and comprehensively as possible.
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To be the prime mover in strenghtening respect, understanding and practice of human rights as the essential corner stone of peace, unity and nation-building.


As an independent national human rights institution, the Commission on Human Rights is committed to ensure the primacy of all human rights to their protection, promotion and fulfillment, on the basis of equality and non-discrimination, in particular for those who are marginalized and vulnerable.


A Philippine Society where human rights and fundamental freedoms are fully enjoyed by everyone, and are respected, protected and fulfilled by the State in accordance with universal human rights principles and standards, and in compliance with its obligations under the international human rights instruments.